In the vision of Stefania Stroppiana fashion is creativity and creativity needs exchange of views and sharing, thus the will to promote projects and ideas in collaboration with other designers. Among these, Adima Made in Presence and jewel designer Francesca Corradini are currently standing out.

Francesca Corradini

She works using ancient tools and all her creations are entirely handcrafted by her. The objects she makes are a clear reflection of her creative soul.
For Stefania Esse she conceived a limited edition of buttons for The Wilder blazer, together with Whispering earrings forged from brass and refined with Stefania Esse’ cashmere threads.
«I put ideas at the centre of my creations and use manual ability as the main tool to try and transform pure shapes into sculptures to be worn.»

Made in Presence

Alessandra Benetatos is the moving spirit behind the Adima Made in Presence project which stands for design, nature and well-being. The collaboration between Stefania Esse and Adima resulted in a summer capsule dedicated to water, Acqua. Cashmere capes and silk trenches designed by Stefania Stroppiana met Alessandra Benetatos’ printed fabrics, whose inspiration comes from years of meditation and connection with the aquatic element.
«Leaning into this infinite present moment I breathe, offering you the best of me. The journey is lighter when shared; the path defines itself, opens up. It is a beautiful experience I love to share.»