Sogno Marino summer capsule will be hosted at galleria Marco Polo in Turin, Italy, from 14th to 30th July 2021.

The one in Turin will be a debut for Stefania Esse, that operates mainly through its on-line shop. An event that comes from a love at first sight between Marco Polo gallery and Stefania Stroppiana: «I immediately felt home the first time I entered Marco Polo. It’s a timeless place where art, culture and fashion meet. A place in perfect harmony with my creative vision and with the idea of a slower and sophisticated art of living, that transcends trends and cares about traditions.».



14th-30th July 2021

Galleria Marco Polo presents Sogno Marino

Turin, Vittorio Emanuele II, 86 (inner courtyard)

Tue/Sat 10-13/16:00-19:30                                 Instagram @marcopolotorino                              +39.(0)11.19707510