There are people attached to their roots
and yet with a nomad spirit

Should I have to pick one sentence that may properly sum up my journey till now, I very much feel the following: "Don't believe in destiny. Chase your dreams". I belong to those people whose destiny seemed written since the very young age. I grew up as a child in the Langhe district where a piece of my heart will always be; as a teenager I studied in Turin, whose international atmosphere awakened the nomad spirit in me, which has been so intense and pulsating since then. In London I got my degree in Business Administration & Marketing, although secretly dreaming of the Saint Martins College of Arts and Design.

Design applied to fashion, that's my greatest passion. My dream. At first it looked like it was destined to remain just a dream. I got a big chance when I was 24, during an internship in Stockholm. There I met my real "first mentor", a well-known Scandinavian designer today, who foresaw an alternative route for my professional life and taught me the basics of being a designer. After that I started working in the family business, at first in Gallo d'Alba and then in a subsidiary in Luxemburg for almost ten years.

Yet urban suggestion, creative flair, inspiration which was coming to me from nature and its poetry, they all eventually overcame and the choice for me became mandatory. I've been looking around with great curiosity for years, trying to keep with me an emotional, tactile, and visual mark about anything I approached, of every experience I took and every person I met. Above all, I got interested in studying new materials, techniques and embroidery. Everything that has been most valuable in my life found an expression in my creations. I met very expert artisans in Italy; I rely on them in order to bring to life my garments.

That's the way my dream came true. That's how Stefania Esse was born. There are people attached to their roots and yet with a nomad spirit.

I am one of them.