Founded in Stockholm in 2016, Stefania Esse is a widely personal brand, authentic affirmation of the creative soul of Stefania Stroppiana. Her comprehensive life path from Italy to Sweden, as well as the inspiration that she draws from Nature’s most vivid and wild expressions, is revealed in the smallest details of her work.

«I wanted to create a brand that reflects a slower and sophisticated art of living, a brand that transcends trends and cares about traditions.

Each garment has a soul – made with uncompromising quality and noble materials. Together they tell a story of the places I love and which left a vivid image in my heart.

My ambition is to create garments that hold memories from the woman who wears them»


In 2020 Stefania Stroppiana leaves the traditional seasonal collections in favour of Resounding Me, a permanent but ever evolving collection that continuously gets refined and altered. In addition the brand periodically presents limited editions and exclusive capsules, which are often the result of collaborations with other designers.

The stylistic choice of Stefania Esse is grounded on uniqueness. The brand mainly focuses on cashmere and other high-end materials as well as hand embroidery techniques, designing timeless yet “with a twist” garments. The range varies from knitwear to a selection of cult pieces such as capes, kaftans, kimonos and blazers.


Finding its identity in slow fashion, Stefania Esse is pursuing a luxury with soul philosophy. The whole production is fulfilled in small workshops in Italy, where a wise processing that takes “as much time as necessary” combines with a constant research, producing innovative results: as, for instance, in the art of crochet that employs metal, an unusual material instead of the more common cotton wire.

The mission of the Stefania Stroppiana’ brand is supporting as much as possible the development of high-end garments, which has to be fulfilled in a sustainable and artisanal way.


Stefania Stroppiana’ stylistic journey began with the My Tree cape and its hand-embroidered imaginary Tree of Life (AW 17|18). The capsules that followed clearly retraced the places and fascinations that she had perceived in her travels: Apulia, suggestive Japan‘s nature, sun-scorched deserts, the magical and mysterious Aurora Borealis landscapes up to a complete self-affirmation with Resounding Me, her permanent collection.