Given that the security, guarantee and protection of the personal data provided by our Customers are very important for Stefania Stroppiana, owner of the brad Stefania Esse, we recommend you read the following Privacy Policy.


When you access you become a User and when you buy our products, either on our website or in any of our stores, you become a Customer. This Privacy Policy constitutes, together with the Legal Notice, the General Conditions of Sale and the Cookies Policy, the set of rules and policies governing the use of the website called as well as the relationship between Stefania Stroppiana and the User/Customer and, where applicable, the on-line purchase of Stefania Esse products. The present Privacy Policy regulates, in particular, the processing by Stefania Stroppiana, of personal data belonging to the Users/Customers.

Stefania Stroppiana guarantees that it will process personal data in compliance with EU Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. To this end, Stefania Stroppiana states the following:


  1. Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?


Stefania Stroppiana

Albavägen 36,

18133, Lidingö (Sweden)


VAT ID No. SE800223822101



  1. How do we collect personal data?


The data provided by Users/Customers is voluntary, although if they refuse to provide the requested data they may be unable to access the services for which their data are needed or they may not be able to buy in our e-Shop. During the data collection process, and whenever data is requested, users/customers are informed of the mandatory or voluntary nature of data collection.


            2.1. Data provided voluntarily by Users/Customers:


2.1.1. When they access our website and/or e-Shop. This is the personal information that the User/Customer provides when browsing our website; placing an order as a customer or guest; creating or modifying their account; establishing a list of favourite products; participating in a contest, prize draw or special offer; by contacting us with a comment, question or complaint through the Customer Service or by sending us any written communication (either by e-mail or by post); when subscribing to receive newsletters and newsletters about our products, temporary store openings, street market, events or promotions and when sending their CVs if they are interested in any vacancy or in forming part of our team, etc.


2.1.2. In our shops and events. The personal data Customers provide us with when they fill out our customer information sheets when visiting our points of sale; when they buy our products; when they go to street markets, etc.


            2.2. Data provided by Users/Customers while browsing the website and/or e-Shop:

 Data resulting from the application of algorithms for analysing, for example, purchase records, to know our customers’ interest in certain products, preferences, purchase history, special offers, browsing on our website, etc.


  1. What personal data do we process?


            3.3. Personal and contact information.

This information is provided or facilitated by the User/Customer to Stefania Stroppiana when registering on our website as a guest, customer, etc., when filling in the Customer form or when contacting Stefania Stroppiana for any enquiry. These data are, for example, name and surname, date of birth, country, address, delivery address, e-mail, telephone number, mobile number, etc. or those that Stefania Stroppiana may request to attend and process any consultation or request that the Users/Customers may send us.


            3.4. Payment, billing and sales information.

This information is provided or facilitated by the User/Customer when purchasing our products, for example, the payment instrument (credit card, debit card) chosen shipping method, products purchased, shipping data, billing, place of purchase, preferences, returns, refunds, etc.


            3.5. Information about the interaction and preferences of our Users/Customers.

Stefania Stroppiana collects, stores and processes all the information on preferences and tastes (purchase history, habits and preferences), for example, when adding products to “My favourites”, or when selecting a preferred language, etc., to improve and know the products that best suit our Users/Customers.


            3.6. Information about devices and the use of our website.

 Stefania Stroppiana collects and processes the data concerning the devices from which the Users/Customers access our website, i.e. whether it is a PC or a mobile phone, IP address, the use made of the website, etc.


            3.7. Career information and CV.

Stefania Stroppiana collects and processes all personal information, academic, professional and CV information, as well as the contact details that Users provide us with when they apply for any jobs or vacancies. The personal, academic, professional, curricular and contact data that we collect are those that the Users provide us with at all times through their CVs, such as previous work experience, training and academic data, etc.


  1. Why do we process personal data?


Stefania Stroppiana establishes that, based on the principle of purpose limitation, personal data will be collected exclusively for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes, and will not be further processed in a way that is not consistent with those purposes. The purposes are as follows:


            4.8. To manage, develop and execute the purchase of our products.

Personal data such as basic personal information, contact information, data on your purchases, payment data, sales information and any other data strictly necessary to achieve this purpose are used:


  • To manage, administer and process the purchase of our products, for administrative actions, accounting, processing any incident or query in relation to the purchase processes and manage any return, claim or withdrawal of products purchased, warranties, communications with the Customer regarding any problems relating to the management or delivery of the order etc.; and


  • To comply with obligations imposed by applicable laws, regulations or legislation.


The data shall be kept for as long as the relationship is maintained and no request is made to delete them, and invariably complying with any statute of limitations periods which may be applicable to it. If you do not provide the necessary information for this purpose, you will not be able to buy our products.


            4.9. To manage and process services requested by the User/Customer.

We will use your personal data (personal and contact information) and any other data strictly necessary to comply with the request and follow-up of any question, doubt, complaint or claim that may be raised or presented by the User/Customer.

The data shall be kept for as long as the relationship is maintained and no request is made to delete them, and invariably complying with any statute of limitations periods which may be applicable to it. If you do not provide the necessary information for this purpose, we will not be able to perform the service requested by the User/Customer.


            4.10. To manage relations with our Users/Customers.

To send information and newsletters regarding products, services and invitations to events about our brand (organised by us); special offers, discounts and other customised services; invitations to take part in competitions, prize draws and other initiatives for customers or Users; to evaluate and improve the quality and selection of our services and products according to the needs and preferences of Users/Customers; to develop new products and services based on the preferences of the Users/Customers; to analyse and perform statistics and studies on the interests, preferences or trends of use of the Users/Customers; and to design advertising strategies, perform behavioural segmentation, and/or marketing.

To send commercial and marketing information about our products, special offers, invitations to competitions, street markets, etc., Stefania Stroppiana may use traditional means of contact (postal mail and telephone) and/or digital and automated (e-mail, SMS, telephone and other digital channels) and we may send these communications if the User/Customer has expressly agreed to receive them. At any time, the User/Customer may cancel their subscription or unregister.

The data will be kept as long as the User/Customer does not request its cancellation, as it is understood that he/she is still interested in receiving the aforementioned communications. If the information required for this purpose is not provided, we will not be able to inform the User/Customer about our news, special offers, draws and events.


            4.11. To manage and process candidate selection processes.

The personal data provided by candidates will be used for the purpose of communicating possible job offers, as well as selection processes that may be of interest to the candidate because they meet the appropriate requirements.

The personal data provided will be kept for the time necessary for Stefania Stroppiana to consider the candidate’s skills and qualifications and the company’s recruitment needs, or until the candidate requests that they be deleted.


  1. Who do we send the data to?


When a Customer purchases our products it may be necessary to communicate some personal data to third parties in order to process and manage such a purchase, for example:


  • Contact or shipping details, which it may be necessary to communicate to transport and courier companies in order to process the purchases of products made by the Customer with Stefania Stroppiana;


  • Your personal data and/or payment details, which may have to be communicated to credit card companies, banks and companies in order to process your transactions in our e-Shop.


Pursuant to current laws, Stefania Stroppiana will only disclose the personal data of the Customer that are strictly necessary, and the third party recipients of same may only process your personal data to process and manage the purchase of the product.

Apart from the above-mentioned cases, Stefania Stroppiana does not communicate the personal information provided by Clients/Users through the website to third parties, except when such disclosure is required by current legislation, by court order, or by a competent authority, as well as when we must communicate the data required for the logical reason of providing the service.

Under no circumstances does Stefania Stroppiana transfer personal data to third parties.


  1. What are the rights of Users/Customers?


            6.12. Right of access:

Right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not Stefania Stroppiana processes personal data concerning you.


            6.13. Right of portability:

Whenever Stefania Stroppiana processes personal data through automated means based on your consent or a contract, the User/Customer has the right to obtain a copy of his/her data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format transferred to you or to a third party. It will only include the personal data you have provided.


            6.14. Right of rectification:

Right to have inaccurate or incomplete personal data concerning you corrected. If the Customer has an account in our e-Shop, they can edit their personal data in this account.


            6.15. Right to erasure or right to be forgotten:

Right to obtain the deletion of any personal data that Stefania Stroppiana processes at any time, except in the following situations: if you have an order pending delivery in whole or in part; you have an outstanding debt to Stefania Stroppiana, have any questions or claims pending resolution with the Customer Care Services and if you have made a purchase, where we will retain your personal information in connection with the transaction under tax and accounting regulations.


            6.16. Right to object to the processing of data on the basis of legitimate interests:

Right to object to the processing of personal data on the basis of the legitimate interests of Stefania Stroppiana. We will not continue to process personal data unless we can prove compelling legal grounds for the processing that prevail over your interests, rights and freedoms, or for the filing, exercise or defence of claims.


These rights may be exercised by notifying Stefania Stroppiana at the e-mail address or by writing to Stefania Stroppiana, Albavägen 36, 18133, Lidingö (Sweden).


            6.13. Right of opposition to receive commercial and marketing communications:

Right to object to receiving commercial and marketing communications. At any time Users/Customers may unregister simply by following the instructions indicated at the bottom of the body of each electronic communication sent by Stefania Stroppiana.


            6.14. Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority:

If you believe that Stefania Stroppiana processes your data incorrectly, you can contact us. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent data protection authority.


  1. Amendment of the Privacy Policy.


Stefania Stroppiana reserves the right to unilaterally amend this Privacy Policy as a result, inter alia, of: (i) changes in the website; (ii) modifications in the processing or purposes of personal data; (iii) modifications or new legislation or (iv) the establishment of new criteria by the Swedish Data Protection Authority or any other authority on the subject.

Accordingly, Stefania Stroppiana recommends that the User carefully read the Privacy Policy in force at the time he/she accesses the Website and invariably before registering, subscribing or purchasing any product of our brand.


  1. Contact.


For any doubt, query or if you need further information about this Privacy Policy, or to send us any suggestion or complaint, you can contact Stefania Stroppiana by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address or by post to Stefania Stroppiana, Albavägen 36, 18133, Lidingö, Sweden.



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