Stefania Esse launches a capsule inspired by the fascinations of the sea, enriched with crochet and embroideries hand made by Apulian artisans. Sogno Marino is the intimate tale of a summer, both Nordic and Mediterranean, as Stefania Stroppiana‘ summers are like.

The collection combines fifteen garments and accessories in a mix of tradition and modernity, with contaminations from the 60s and 70s. Sogno Marino explores summer’s purest and most authentic expression, full of emotions, melancholic at times. Colour range varies from water nuances to sand’s neutral shades, from white to ivory with dark brown and yet lurex flashes.

Water animals, pearls, plays of nets and embroideries recall a world of colours, salt and brushes in the wind to live summer in its most emotional and dreamlike dimension, an authentic Sogno Marino.