Stefania Stroppiana has a profound relationship with kimonos, a seasonless garment that she interprets differently for each time of the year.

A kimono in springtime is a must: it can be worn as outerwear, fancy dressing gown or as a proper dress. Stefania Esse’ range offers four different one-size models.

Designed in Sweden and hand made in Italy, the kimonos created by Stefania Stroppiana tell different stories and inspirations: from Japan to Scandinavia passing through Mediterranean.

The range varies from the oriental elegance of Raw Japan, with its hand embroidered velvet declined in three colours (ochre, jade-green or blue); to the Nordic Shimmer, dedicated to Aurora Borealis, made of pink powder wool crêpe with shining Georgette silk profiles; up to Scirocco and Mon Rivage both inspired by the sea and with side slits, the first one in cream colour and with wide sleeves, the second in light-blue with covered buttons on the tight cuffs.