Apulia and its olive trees are the true inspiration and trait d’union of the Stefania Esse spring summer collection. Capes, kaftans, sashes, collars, long waistcoats and kimonos resemble, through the delicacy of fabrics and manufacturing, the sea breeze and timeless landscapes of one of the most authentic Italian regions.
The millenary Olive tree, which is the collection iconic symbol and open reference to the land that inspired it, is finely embroidered on the crocheted shopper bag. Stefania Esse’ characterizing materials are clearly identifiable even in the hottest season: silk, Jaipur yarn, cashmere, suede, treated with crochet, embroidery and pleating.

L'Ulivo N.20

Crocheted shopper bag

Bellis Perennis N.18

Pure silk white kaftan with pleating treatment, along with petticoat and orange silk sash

Made in
Apulia, Italy

The same land which inspires the Spring Summer 2018 collection is also the place where Stefania Esse’ garments are actually made. Ideas formed in the far north of the continent are brought to life thanks to the handwork of expert artisans from the far south.
From Stockholm to Apulia, Stefania Stroppiana’ creative journey reinvent itself from one season to the next, just like the landscapes and suggestions that same journey gets through.

Memorie del Sud N.16

Pure silk white kaftan with handmade embroidery

Giardino Mediterraneo N.17

Silk tricot and sage-green cashmere kaftan, along with petticoat and orange silk sash

La Deutzia N.20

Pure silk blue kimono with French lace inserts and handmade embroidery


Suede blue sash

Zig Zag Pugliese N.15

Flesh-toned cape with handmade embroidery, Jaipur yarn, 70% cashmere, 30% silk

Collar N.19

Metallic chain ruff with trimmings and orange organza lace

Unusual Metallic

In the Stefania Esse collections the art of crochet employs metal, an unexpected and interesting material instead of the more common cotton wire.

Memorie del Sud N.14

70% cashmere, 30% silk black cape with Jaipur yarn handmade embroidery

Memorie del Sud N.21

Long waistcoat with handmade embroidery, 52% cashmere, 48% denim-coloured silk


Suede blue sash

Collar N.19/1

Metallic chain ruff with trimmings and light blue organza lace

Il Fiore e la Libellula N.13

Light cream coloured cape in Jaipur yarn, 70% cashmere, 30% silk, with handmade embroidery

Collar N.19/2

Metallic chain ruff with trimmings and green organza lace