The emblem of the new Stefania Esse collection is once more a symbolic element, from a sun-scorched land: the camel. Printed and embroidered, the camel conveys to the magic of the desert through its spice-scented towns.
Colours light up in the intensity of the umber of soil and stones, in beige nuances of the dunes, in the deep blue shades of the sky and in the vitality of spices’ orange and yellow. A warm inspiration translated in a capsule that dares to go towards a wide range of variations and garments.

Camel 14

Printed silk clutch with hand embroidered dromedary

Mojave 11

Oversize knitted cotton cardigan, with silk and cashmere fabric sash

Deep Desert

All fabric prints are personalized and obtained by exclusive pictures of the traveller photographer Marco Butturini.

Desert Flower 02

Bourette silk pea coat, with hand embroidered lace insertions

Coachella Valley 08

Silk stretch pants, orange colour

Camels 06

Silk trench coat, with overall print and satin silk profiles

Gorge 16

Gorge made of copper and cotton threads, with organza string

Romantic Nomad 05

Silk tulle sarong skirt, with vintage hand crochet belt

Cielo 11

Cashmere and silk knitted pull, with hand embroidered copper chain adornments

Cielo 08_1

Stretch silk pants, light-blue colour

Unusual Metallic

One of the favourite elements of Stefania Esse research, metal meshes embroidery, is put forward again in the debutante cotton cardigan sweater with belt and cashmere silk pullover.

Ocotillo 03

Bourette silk blazer with satin silk profiles and embellishments made of natural stones, beige colour

Ocotillo 03/1

Bourette silk blazer with satin silk profiles and embellishments made of natural stones, light-blue colour

Sand 15

Crochet clutch

Desert Bloom 04

Sleeveless bicolour silk kimono, with silk tulle overlay

Desert Waves 10

Silk top with overall print

Desert Waves 09

Matching stretch silk pants with overall print

Dune 01

Hand embroidered Jaipur cashmere and silk cape

Pearl 13

Viscose body

Desert Waves 07

Silk kaftan with handmade gold crochet profiles and sash